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This website's subpage is significant. Our policies must be followed by users. The visitor must uphold all legal requirements and rights. For violations of the DMCA Notice procedures or the inclusion of misleading information in a DMCA Notice or Counter-notification, monetary penalties, including legal expenses and court costs, may be imposed. These Notice and Takedown Procedures solely apply to allegations of copyright infringement made by copyright holders and their agents and have no bearing on any other abuse, violation, or legal claim. Investigations and sanctions will be applied against anyone who abuses the DMCA notification or counter-notification processes. Please follow all legal guidelines before sending a DMCA Notice to our Designated Agent.

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We willingly abide by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Therefore, if you think that any copyrighted material on the Website is being violated, you should file a complaint with us in accordance with Title 17, Section 512(c)(2) of the United States Code.

If applicable, send a formal letter to our agent notifying them of the potential breach and providing the URL, a copy of the allegedly infringing content, and the website (or other online location) where the official work version may be obtained.

  • the name of the allegedly stolen work, which is a protected property. Under penalty of perjury, you must vouch for the accuracy of the facts in the notification and your ownership of the allegedly infringing work or your authority to act on its behalf.
  • To make it simpler for us to find the content on the website, please describe it and offer a URL or other relevant details.

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